Tossing People Out The Window


This image was created when I was feeling really angry. I’m tossing people who I feel have let me down out of the window. The background is grey and the people colourful because it is the people that are significant in this image. The house is orange because a grey house didn’t work; orange reflects my fiery mood. Of course I’m red as an expression of my anger. The people include family, former colleagues, people from an online community and people I’ve met over the past year. My therapist’s favourite word is “edge” and that word feels particularly relevant to this image. On one side of the edge my feelings matter and I have a right to feel angry and to express it. On the other side of the edge, is being understanding and compassionate towards the individuals, given that they are probably dealing with their own stuff; to depict them as I have in this image is also disrespectful towards them and I feel some guilt about this aspect.

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One comment

  1. It is interesting to see your approach to art which is very different to mine, although it has given me a sense of purpose and I feel fulfilled and challenged by it. The tossing people out the window reminds me of a painting by Rene Magritte with all his floating men.


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