Finding My Religion

Christmas is one of those “don’t get me started” subjects. Christmas is supposed to be a Christian festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus, however I think that only around 1% of those in the UK who celebrate Christmas are actually practising Christians. To have a celebration which is routed in something that you don’t actually believe in is so meaningless and wrong to me. Christmas is no longer about Jesus for most people, it’s about retailers using the opportunity to tell people they must have what they are selling and consumers being taken in by it all. To me it is an empty lie which causes misery to millions. I was baptised as a baby and told I was a particular flavour of Christian. It didn’t mean anything other then being the done thing in my society. Whilst I agree there is some great guidance on how to lead a good life in Christianity, and in other religions, I have rejected them all because I fundamentally don’t believe in the existence of any God. If I don’t believe in what underpins a religion, then I cannot claim to follow that religion. It is wrong.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about Christmas and he talked of following the seasons and nature in general. He said he tended to dress differently depending on the time of year, and it sounded like more than dressing for warmer and cooler weather. He seeks to nourish himself through healthy eating and doing what he can to promote a healthy mind. The idea of following seasons particularly struck a chord for me. This year is the first year that the UK has fully embraced “black Friday” and it clearly demonstrated the worst in some people. Yet the UK has yet to import Thanksgiving from the US or other countries, yet it is a far more meaningful event. I’m now thinking that I would like to explore religious type structures based on seasons and the earth’s characteristics which can be observed. I think thanksgiving should be in there somewhere after crops have been harvested. I think winter solstice should be marked as the end of the year. I think a winter holiday should be a time of rest and reflection.

The image reflects my four reference points on religion: Christianity, other religions, nothingness and a religion based on the world’s natural seasons. I’m wondering about seasons as something better than nothingness.

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