What’s Important

As I finished the write up for the previous post, “Finding My Religion”, thoughts of what is important came into me and generated an image. I initially came up with gratitude, compassion, respecting others and the nature around us, faith in others, giving freely, and making time for one another. A little while afterwards it occurred to me that a few things may be missing from the list. The first was love. I think actually all of the things listed are actually about love. I also thought of honesty, which comes under respect, and forgiveness, which comes under compassion. This image felt important at the time and so I started creating it with acrylics on canvas. The intention was to show a picture illustrating each of the 6 important things. I felt anxious when I started working on the image. I think that may be due to fear of showing affection towards others.

A few days later I returned to working on the picture, however I felt now that I really didn’t like it. I felt both anger and anxiety towards it. Something inside of me shouted “I hate this picture”. I’m not sure if it was a reaction to the content or the quality of the picture. I considered other ways I could depict the things I felt important and nothing felt right. In the end, I have decided to let go of this image for now. I have created a pencil sketch of what was planned and included it in the blog because I think it contains some important things to think about.

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