Find Yourself In Creativity

Feeling low, I looked at a few blogs which were about being creative in some way. The words “There is a future in creativity” came to me. Being creative was a way in which I could move forward. I decided I wanted to create a picture which was full of colourful shapes and jazz it up with other materials. The only rules for this picture were to not use every colour available, and to keep the amount of the blue background which remained visible even. During the process I changed the words to “Find yourself in creativity”. I felt uncomfortable with sharing words suggesting that I didn’t see a future for myself in a piece of art that I wanted to share with others. “Find yourself in creativity” has multiple meanings.  Firstly, yes it is about finding a way to move forward. It is also about finding myself in general as a significant relationship had broken down. Experimenting is reflected in this work. And finally, focusing on a something creative can absorb the mind so you get a break from negative thoughts and create a space where more helpful thoughts can emerge. I particularly enjoyed creating this picture because of the fun aspect. With my previous pictures, I was implementing an image already composed in my head. With this picture I didn’t know what I was going to next whenever I sat down to work on it and so it gradually emerged over time. 

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