Drawing From Upside Down Images

I have recently started reading the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. The book is aimed beginner artists looking to improve their skill in replicating lifelike scenes. The basic idea of the book seems to be teaching skills based on using the right side of the brain instead of the analytic left. One of the first exercises was to reproduce some line drawings from images which are upside down. The left hand brain doesn’t like working with upside downs images so shuts up, leaving the right to get on with it and do a better job. Here are my three attempts at drawing images based on upside down source images. The original images are on the left and my drawing is shown on the right, having turned them all the right way up. I found copying the images difficult at times but persevered and am pleased with the results.













The image is provided in the book. It’s called “Portrait of Igor Stravinsky” by Pablo Picasso.











Original image source is free-colouring-pages.com. I have Photoshopped my version just to darken the lines.











Original image source is colourmegood.com. Again I have Photoshopped my version to darken the lines.



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