Textile Art week 3: Creating a textile collage

This week we were asked to create two small collages using the angelina fabric samples created last week and a variety of fabrics. I bravely cut up my favourite angelina fabric sample from last week as it was the only one that went with the fabric samples I was given to use. to create the collages, we cut up the fabrics to make two 6-inch squares. The fabrics were then ironed on to Bondaweb, and then the collage was ironed onto a plain piece of backing fabric.

I had heard of Bondaweb previously but never used it before. It’s really useful stuff. It has a layer of glue blobs, then a fine mesh layer, then another glue blobs layer and finally a paper layer. You first attach your fabrics to the top glue blobs layer, then peel off the backing paper an attach your fused fabrics to the backing fabric. It comes in different weights.

Here’s what I created:

IMG_1265_small IMG_1269_small

Next week we are learning about using the sewing machines to embroider and attach other threads to the collages. Looking forward to it 🙂


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