Textile Art Course Week 9:Shibori

This week we were taught Shibori. It’s basically a Japanese form of tie dyeing. We used white silk and silk paints. First the silk is wrapped around some sort of tube and scrunched up. We used drink bottles or pipes to wrap around. The fabric was secured to the tube with elastic bands and then we had the option of adding string to add to the textures created. Here is an example of wrapped and scrunched up fabric:

Image source & copyright http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/dye-a-t-shirt-using-the-shibori-pole-wrapping-technique–cms-20874

Next we painted the wrapped fabric. I used pipettes to drop silk paint onto the fabric. You can also use paint brushes or any other paint application device you can think of.

Finally, we used a heat gun to dry the silk, then unwrapped it and ironed it.

Here is my test sample. I was intending it be be a mixture of brown, orange and yellow, creating an autumn theme. What came out looks like fire and what I’d describe as a happy accident 🙂


This is what happened when I used different colours on a silk scarf. I’m not sure if I like it.


This week was the last week of showing us new techniques. The final few weeks of term we are free to work on what we like. My intention is to create another silk sun catcher and decorate it with machine embroidery. I have signed up to continue the course next term so will hopefully have interesting textile work to share in the new year.


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