Marbling on Fabric

This week at college we had a go at marbling on fabric. This blog explains the process in detail We were given cotton and silk samples which had been pre-treated with Alum. This is so that the marbling remains if the fabric comes into contact with water. For the actual marbling, we used Marabu marble paint. We had a bowl of water. We let droplets of paint fall onto the water (they stay on the surface as they are oil based), and then created patterns in the paint using combs and sticks. Finally, the fabric is placed on top of the paint, and the paint adheres to the fabric.

Here are the samples I created. The first was silk and the second, cotton. I’m not particularly pleased with my samples – I didn’t like the paint colours available or the patterns that came out. With the cotton sample, I accidentally had two pieces of fabric but didn’t realize until I went to lift it out of the water, and consequently dragged the fabric in the water.  I wanted to share the experience anyway as it is part of the artistic journey and the technique may be of interest to someone. The samples on the linked blog above are a lot better than mine!




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