The Egg Donor


After using my painting to explore letting go of my own egg (see Letting Go) and gifts in general (see The Gift), I now felt ready to depict the donor egg. I wanted to make it sparkly because it is such a precious gift. The red heart shows the love with which the egg is offered, and the love that I already feel towards towards the donor. The writing around the egg reads “I offer you my egg”.

It felt important to include the donor in this image, and not just the egg, because the donor is as important as the egg. Without the donor there is no egg.

This feels like one of my most emotional paintings. When the idea was first conceived, the idea of putting it onto canvas felt uncomfortable, but I have allowed myself to travel through those feelings of discomfort. I felt fine painting the donor, but when it came to deciding how to decorate the egg, the emotion hit me. I am pleased with how the painting has turned out.

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