Sashiko Sewing and Brazilian Themed Embroidery

Yesterday I travelled to the ICHF Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycraft show and I wanted to share a couple of things from my visit.

Firstly I joined a workshop where we learned about Japanese Sashiko sewing. The basic idea is that you sew lines of running stitch to create a pattern or design. An evenweave fabric is used, such as linen. You can get the fabrics with the pattern printed onto the fabric. You sew the design and then when you wash it, the pattern washes off leaving your sewing. This style of sewing has it’s own specialist thread, needle and thimble. It’s one of those hobbies which can be quite relaxing. Below is the sample I worked on during the workshop. I don’t intend finishing it because this design doesn’t appeal to me, but I like the idea of sewing in lines.


Here is another example. Image source



The second thing I wanted to share was some work from an exhibition of embroidery on a Brazilian theme. They were a mixture of hand and machine embroidered pieces and were beautiful.




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