My Art Work is in a Public Gallery

I now have two of my artistic creations displayed in a local art gallery. The gallery displays work by professional artists most of the time but I learned of an exhibition that was open to artists of all abilities and decided to enter two pieces of work. This is the first time I have displayed my work somewhere it will be seen by the general public and by several thousand people.

The brief was to decorate a 5 inch canvas however you liked. I wanted to create a piece which had an important message and that expressed my thoughts and beliefs. I came up with Anchored In The Present. This is a reminder to mindfully return to the present moment and to anchor oneself in the present. Inside the circle is the calmer state of the present moment. The circle is a rescue ring. I used zentangle patterns around the outside because drawing these patterns is a way of returning to the present moment.


My first attempt at Anchored in the Present didn’t go to plan so I decided to reuse the canvas and covered it with one of my blackwork embroidery designs. It is called Smile . I hope that people seeing it in the gallery will smile when they see it.


Here’s a view of both pieces on the wall in the gallery, amongst other people’s great work.


I’m really pleased to have my work in the gallery. A lot of effort went into these pieces and in finding the courage to put my work out there. This has given me a confidence boost and shown me that I do have something valuable to contribute.





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