My Red Haired Embryo


For my recent IVF cycle I chose an egg donor who had red hair and blue eyes. I worked through some of my feelings about the potential child not looking like me (I have brown hair and hazel eyes), and then fell in love with the thought of my red haired embryo. I felt love and excitement for this potential little being.

Waking on the day embryo replacement had been due to take place, my first thought was to create a painting of my embryo as a way of being with and processing the grief. I wanted to depict the dream, the energy, the excitement and the hope.

The red bits on the outside represent the hair. I chose a deeper red rather than red hair colour to emphasise the colour red. The blue circle is the eye colour of the donor. The five inner circles represent the 5 cells which grew in the best embryo. The sun is shining on my embryo, it’s dancing, and it’s flying away from me.

It does feel good to have something to remember my red haired embryo by 🙂

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