In November I went through my fifth IVF, the second attempt using donor eggs. Like the first attempt with donor eggs, it resulted in no viable embryos. For several weeks  afterwards I felt unable to do anything creative (due partly to another difficult situation which cropped up at the same time). This week I had the opportunity to start another donor egg cycle however I realised that I wasn’t ready to go through it all again. And so I decided to create this picture to make contact with the difficult feelings from the previous attempt and hopefully ready myself to try again.

In the centre is the one embryo which did grow for a few days. As it was a case of deja vu, I chose to depict the embryo the same shape and size as the picture I created following my previous attempt (see My Red Haired Embryo). The embryo reached seven cells, hence the seven hexagons inside the embryo, and was very fragmented. The donor had hazel eyes and blonde hair, represented by the hazel like ring and yellow bits. I was very stressed and wanted to depict this with the swirling blue and purple.

It’s fingers crossed for a better outcome next time.

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