A Different Path


Sometimes the situations that we are born into, or the things that happen to us on life’s journey, lead us to follow different paths to what is considered “normal” in our culture or society. This is certainly true for me.

In the picture, the yellow path is the “normal” path, where lots of people travel.

The colourful vertical path is the “different” path. I wanted to make it more colourful and varied to indicate difference. Some of the elements have meaning: At the top is a cloud with a silver lining containing the words “Making the best of things”; the card symbols are the cards we are dealt in life; the black and white stripes a reminder that things are not always black and white; and at the bottom, the black sheep – how we can feel or appear for doing things differently. I put more than one person on the “different” path because I am not alone in feeling I am on a different path; in fact many people are  on a path that feels different in some aspect of their life.

In the background are planes where the different path might occur: relationships, culture, religion, physical attributes, mental attributes, career, family, reproduction, residence, geographical location.


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