Staying Connected

Staying Connected_small

My previous behaviour when someone has done something that I didn’t like has been to distance myself from them, for days, even weeks, sometimes permanently. I think it was threatening to me that they behaved as they did. Separating myself from them was a coping mechanism. My current therapist is the first person I have learned about staying connected with when we have challenges in our relationship.

Recently my baby’s movements suddenly changed from pleasant tickling sensations to strong kicks and thrusts inside my stomach. It was a shock. I didn’t like it at all. I saw myself distancing myself from my baby. For days I did not want to speak to her or play music to her. I did not want to interact with her. This concerned me. After her birth, I cannot emotionally withdraw from my baby for days just because she does something that I don’t like, especially something which is natural and age appropriate. I don’t want to treat her in this way. I decided to create this image in order to work with my feelings around staying connected with my baby when she does things that I might not like in the hope it will help me after she arrives.


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  1. What beautiful work you are doing. I wish you much self-love including much love for your precious child parts who were wounded/neglected when you were young. You always deserved so much more. Your willingness to explore your own triggers and change behaviours in order to be able to love your baby fully for exactly who she is is inspiring and an example to all parents. And speaking/sharing your path sheds a light for others who might wish to embark on a similar journey. Thank you. A.

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    1. I’m having ongoing pregnancy induced mood issues. Have had to slow down emotionally a few weeks earlier than expected. I seem to be taking a break from reading blogs as well as writing at the moment. Terry(Spearfruit)’s passing has affected me. Thanks for asking. x


      1. It affected me immensely too. I really adored him and will miss him. I think about him a lot.
        I have just been thinking about you and wanting to make sure you are ok with the pregnancy. It is scary what hormones of pregnancy do!!! But the lactating part, those hormones are very very calming.
        I took a long break from reading blogs. Almost a month just some intermittently and noticed you had not written anything. Thanks for letting me know

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      1. Oh my ! I have been thinking of you almost daily!
        I had horrible feeding difficulties. It did not come naturally for me at all. It was very hard and took nearly a month to get the hang of it. And the mood after pregnancy, well my mood was very unstable and I was very exhausted and could barely think clearly. I thought it was like that with all women after childbirth.
        Thinking of you and hoping and wishing you and the baby well


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