Mindfully Noticing Pregnancy

Mindfully noticing pregnancy_small

The first half of my pregnancy was spent anxiously waiting to see if it was to be a viable pregnancy, and then coming to terms with actually having a little person growing inside of me. The second half of my pregnancy has so far been consumed by preparing for her arrival. It has felt very important to me to pause and to be present with what is actually happening right now. Many times I have consumed food or drink and forgotten to notice how it tasted. This will be the only time I carry a baby and I want to experience it.


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Granny Crochet Mandalas

I recently purchased a colourful ball of wool thinking I would embark on a small crochet project. To keep it simple I decided to just try making a mandala. The intention was to try and get interested in something but not start a big craft project. I ended up making two mandalas, the first in rows and the second, a continuous spiral.


The pattern for the mandala can be found here. The wool used was Stylecraft Cabaret Double Knitting shade Rainforest.

Zendala Craze!

These Zendala’s are very effective – thanks for sharing.

Reblogging as I’ve not seen Zendala’s before and they might be of interest to other readers.

Girl's Crazy Thoughts and Ideas 🙂

Hello 🙂 A couple weeks ago I ordered some precut circles to do Zendalas. What is a Zendala? A Zendala is like a mandala but is done with tangles. They are a lot of fun!


This is the second one I have ever done.


And this is the most recent one I’ve completed. I love the string things and came up with a great idea while drawing them! You’ll have to come back to see what my idea is!

Have a great day / night!


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Textile Art: Angelina Fibre

In order to gain some new artistic skills and inspiration, I have just started a stitching and textile art course at my local college. The first class was introducing us to some fibres. Angelina was the most interesting one. It’s a form of polyester. It’s available in lots of colours and is sparkly :). We had to cut up a small amount, put in inside a baking sheet and then iron it. On heating it became a beautiful plastic film which could then be used in lots of artistic ways. I used blue and pink and the pictures below show what I ended up with. I’ve put black card behind it so the colours show up. The colours change depending on the light reflected.



Below is what white angelina looks like prior to melting. (image source and copyright meadowbrookglitter.com).

I think I am going to enjoy this course and will have some interesting creations to share over the next three months 🙂